5321 Slide Family: Everything You Need To Know

5321 Slide Family: Everything You Need To Know
BySteve Davis,Sales Manager - Northern Europe
Published by :Accuride International
Accuride’s 5321 slide family is a highly versatile and wide-ranging collection of telescopic slides, suitable for many applications and industries. Whether you’re looking for a soft-close drawer slide, heavy-duty brackets, or a lock-in slide, you will find them all and more in the 5321 family.

The 5321 slide is a heavy-duty telescopic drawer slide. It has a load rating of 140-160kg and can withstand a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C, making it ideal for extreme applications in industries including white goods and industrial. While it is not suitable for flat mounting, full extension ensures a full range of movement and easy access to a drawer’s full contents.

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The standard 5321 slide is electro-zinc plated and has undergone a 12-hour salt spray test to ensure its durability. The DA5321 is a corrosion-resistant aluminium slide with a load rating of 50kg and we also offer the DS5321, a stainless-steel option which has a up to 160kg load rating,

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Thanks to the innovative engineering work here at Accuride, this slide family also includes the 5321EC, 5321SC and 5321-60. The 5321EC is an easy close slide, perfect for use in rigorous and heavy-duty applications due to the increased durability of the smooth closing mechanism. The 5321SC is a self-close slide featuring a spring attachment designed to close a drawer without bounce back. Both slides have a 100kg load rating.

The 5321-60 provides even more versatility, offering the same high-quality features as the 5321 but with the benefit of a heavy-duty L-shaped metal bracket for bottom mounting.

All of our 5321 slides have a hold-in feature to ensure they stay safely closed when not in use, making them perfect for use in vehicles, and except for 5321-60, they all have a thickness of 19.1mm.

The 3607 and 3657 slides are the final two members of the Accuride 5321 slide family. Both the 3607 and 3657 are heavy-duty telescopic slides, with load ratings of 120kg and 124kg respectively. They both feature a front disconnect that allows drawers to be easily removed and replaced when in use as well as during installation. The 3607 also features a lock out mechanism, meaning the slide can be locked in place when open to increase safety, while the 3657 is suitable for drawers up to 1000mm wide.

From futuristic TV storage to archive drawers, medical prescription storage drawers to hatches in trailers, Accuride’s versatile and heavy-duty 5321 slides can be trusted to provide the highest standard of safety and reliability in all manner of applications.

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