DZ5321-ECSoft Close Slide for Wide Drawers DZ5321-EC

Soft close slide for wide drawers DZ5321EC with a load rating upto 100kg, heavy duty with 100% extension and 19.1mm slide thickness suitable for industrial and drawers upto 100cm wide.
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400mm - 1100mm
Load Rating
100 kgs
Mild Steel
Side Space
19.1 mm
Soft Close
Hold In

Unlike other Easy-Close solutions, the 5321EC & high-end soft-close mechanism has been engineered to be integrated into the slide & profile for optimal function and design. Suitable for drawers up to 1000mm wide, this is a smooth piece of motion hardware for heavy-duty drawers, trays and shelves in commercial, industrial and residential spaces. The easy-close feature not only enhances the operation of the slide but increases the safety and satisfaction of the end user.

The slide soft-close mechanism operates on the last 45mm of the closing cycle and depending on the drawer and the weight of its content, requires an opening pull force of 26N; 5N. An optional bracket accessory kits are available for various mounting options.