Bespoke Slides for Blondel are Smooth Like Chocolate

Bespoke Slides for Blondel are Smooth Like Chocolate
Lindt. Toblerone. Nestlé.

Just some of the famous Swiss chocolate brands that have become household names over the last two centuries. Swiss chocolate factories date back to 1819, when François-Louis Callier opened the first mechanised chocolate factory in Vevey, near Lac Léman. In 1836, the Sprüngli family set up Confiserie Sprüngli, but it would be another 56 years until they joined forces with Rodolphe Lindt’s Bern-based factory in 1892 to become the Lindt brand we all know today.

In 1867, Daniel Peter opened his own factory and, keen to increase his sales, experimented with his friend Henri Nestlé’s milk powder and created the first milk chocolate. Theodor Tobler first combined chocolate, nougat, almonds and honey in a triangle shape in 1908, creating the first Toblerone bar, and in the 1930s, Nestlé brought another innovative product to the shelves by creating their white chocolate bar: the Milkybar.


And the excitement has not died down. Swiss chocolate has remained a worldwide favourite, with 122,034 tonnes exported in 2016 from Switzerland alone.

Nestled in this history is Blondel, a chocolaterie in the city of Lausanne. Without doubt one of the oldest shops in the city, Blondel first opened its doors in 1850 and had remained unchanged since 1930. The shop recently underwent its second renovation in its history, a feat which saw the shop floor reconfigured in only 9 weeks thanks to the expertise of Philippe Cuendet and Ivan Lietchi, supported by cabinet makers at Mathey Agencement.

Mathey Agencement came directly to Accuride to discuss the possibility of creating a brass colour slide for Blondel’s display cabinets, and our engineers were only too happy to take on the challenge! Based on our DS5321 and the hygienic properties of stainless steel due to its non-porous and corrosion-resistant nature, the slide that we created for Blondel included a hold-in feature to keep the shelves stable when the shelf is in its ‘closed’ position, and a disconnect feature to be able to clean regularly the cabinets.


And the brass colour slide was created to display the traditionally made chocolate!


At Accuride, we never shy away from a challenge (or chocolate). Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and if a customer comes to us with a very specific request – such as a chocolate brown-coloured slide – we will do everything we can in order to meet that client’s requirements.


If you have a bespoke request or requirement for an upcoming project, get in touch with Accuride today (chocolate not necessary but would be very much appreciated) and we will be happy to help. You can find all of our details on our contact page.

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