Mounting Accuride Drawer Slides for Maximum Performance and Efficiency

    Blog Author:Peter Bayles, European director of engineering

    Here at Accuride, we have slides suitable for both vertical and horizontal mounting. Vertical mounting (also known as side mounting) refers to when the drawer slide is installed at the side of the unit, while horizontal (or flat) mounting involves the slide is fitted to the base of the drawer unit.

    IAA Mobility 2021: Automotive interior trends of the future

    Blog Author:Jochen Bendel, Sales Manager Automotive Europe

    Many well-known automotive events may have been put on pause in 2020, however advances in automotive design have by no means come to a standstill. The automotive industry is moving at light-speed and, with the International Automotive Exhibition IAA Mobility now going ahead in its six-day format in September 2021, we take a look at just a few of the trends you should be looking out for.

    A Golden Anniversary for Accuride Germany

    Blog Author:Laurent Tremolieres, Accuride Europe Chief Operating Officer

    Fifty years of Accuride Germany, and still counting… July 2021 marks a special occasion for Accuride, with 50 years since the company expanded to our Diez location. A lot has happened over this time, and to mark the occasion we are looking back at how far we’ve come as well as celebrating with a one-time offer on our e-commerce site.


    Our Enhanced 9308 Heavy-Duty Slide: The Best Just Got Better

    Blog Author:Stefan Herchenreder, Technical support manager

    Our enhance heavy-duty 9308 slide has undergone an upgrade, and the result is the new 9308-E4 slide - a telescopic slide which is stronger, smoother and more secure than ever. The new and improved slide has a greater load capacity, with the load rating increasing from an impressive 227kg to 272kg.

    The Future of Automotive Interiors, Today

    Blog Author:Jochen Bendel, Sales Manager Automotive Europe

    From virtual reality video games to voice-controlled smart speakers, the technologies we use in our day to day lives are constantly being refined and upgraded to provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience. And our cars, no longer considered a purely functional vehicle to get you from A to B, are no exception.

    Automotive Interiors: A look inside the car of the future

    Blog Author:Jochen Bendel, Sales Manager Automotive Europe

    On average, a person will spend almost 4 years of their lifetime sat inside their car. This makes it no surprise that comfort and convenience is at the forefront of future mobility trends. Car interiors are set to become completely modular and flexible, giving both the driver and passengers the freedom to adapt the car interior to their own needs, all whilst on the go.

    The Fullelectric ball bearing slide: powering the future of automation

    Blog Author:Detlef Bender, European OEM Sales Director

    The Accuride Fullelectric ball bearing slide provides reliable movement for automated solutions, from sliding car armrests to self-opening compartments in delivery robots…and that’s just to name a few.

    Hold-In/Out vs. Lock-In/Out: Which Slide Is Best For You?

    Blog Author:Stefan Herchenreder, Technical support manager

    A wide variety of our slides offer a hold-in and hold-out or lock-in and lock-out capability to enhance the safety of customer applications, as well as accessibility and security. These are some of our most popular slides, having been used in a wide range of environments and industries, but what are the differences between the two? And which slide should you be using for your next project?

    Easy-Close vs. Self-Close Drawer Slides: Which Is Best For You?

    Blog Author:Stefan Herchenreder, Technical support manager

    This wide-ranging stock of products also includes both self-close and easy-close, (or sometimes referred to as ‘soft-close’) slides, both of which are ideal for applications where drawers must be properly closed, and stay closed until they are purposefully reopened. But what are the differences between these two slides? And which one is right for your requirements?

    You asked, we answered! The 15 most commonly asked questions on ovens and oven slides

    Blog Author:Sabine Rohmann, Key Account Manager White Goods

    Pyrolytic ovens are self-cleaning ovens that use extremely high temperatures to remove dirt and bacteria. During the pyrolysis process, the high levels of heat burn all impurities to a crisp, which can then be easily wiped out without the need for scrubbing or harsh chemicals.

    Manufacturing for medicine – Accuride slides and the medical industry

    Blog Author:Helle Kinning, EMEA Marketing Manager

    At Accuride, we are proud to have a continued relationship with several medical suppliers; from medical storage trolleys to hospital sliding doors, our telescopic drawer slides and runners have been utilised in many ground-breaking, essential products over the years..