DZ5321-60Heavy Duty Drawer Slide with Bracket DZ5321-60

Heavy duty drawer slide with bracket DZ5321-60 that has a load rating upto 120kg, a 100% extension and a slide thickness of 20.7mm with a hold-in feature. Ideal for Industrial & Wider Drawers upto 1m.
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Our DZ5321-60 drawer slide can support a load of up to 120kg, and comes with L-shaped brackets.

The heavy-duty slide comes in a corrosion-resistant zinc material, making it the perfect solution for fixtures in commercial kitchens and industrial or outdoor cabinetary.

The beneficial qualities of this slide do not stop there as the DZ5321-60 also has a hold-in detent that eliminates drawer roll-out or bounce-back. The over-extension feature also allows for the drawer to open fully, making all of the goods stored in the drawer fully accessible.