Accuride Slides Radiate Safety

    The measurement of such radiation levels is made simpler and easier with the help of Nutronic, a Swedish company with a vision to create time-saving and user-friendly instrumentation for health physics (also known as radiation protection). Operating since 1996, Nutronic have been offering high-quality radiation protection, clean up, and decontamination services since 2008, including decommissioning services for nuclear facilities.


    Building the Future with Accuride

    Builder 3D Printers B.V. have been manufacturing high-quality industrial 3D printers since 2013, with the aim to make large scale 3D printing affordable and accessible through their Builder Extreme range. One of the biggest large format printers on the market is available from this range; the Extreme 2000 PRO. With a maximum print volume of 700x700x1700mm (XYZ), the Extreme PRO 2000 is equipped with the elements that make 3D printing on a large scale worry-free, including filament detection, a BOFA air filter, a 7-inch touch display, a door-locking system and a UPS system that continues production after a power outage.

    Office & domestic furniture

    Accuride slides can handle the heat!

    Since 1994, Hungarian company Fireplace Kft has been manufacturing and providing homes with quality interior fireplace stoves and have become major players in the European market. The quality of their manufacturing meets the highest international standards and Fireplace Kft have been a member of “HKI Industrieverband Haus-, Heiz-, und Küchentechnik e.V” (House, Heating and Kitchen Technologies Industrial Association) since 2000, making them a full-value player in the German Market.

    Industrial storage

    The Case is Covered with Accuride and SCHINKO

    Any externally sourced damage or impairment that prevents these machines from operating can have disastrous effects further down the line, and so ensuring they are well-protected is incredibly important for their operators and owners.


    Stavromed’s Bedside Manner is Twice as Nice with Accuride

    Post-operative care can vary, from a few extra hours on the ward for local anaesthetic to wear off to a longer stay in a recovery room after a general anaesthetic or epidural. Post-operative stays can extend even longer for long-lasting or serious conditions, and so patient comfort is of the utmost importance.


    Defend Your Valuables with MUD UK’s Land Rover Cubby

    The Land Rover Defender has become a British classic in terms of off-road driving. First sold as the Land Rover 110 and 90 models (on account of the length of their wheelbases in inches) in 1983 & 1984 respectively, the Defender moniker was adopted in 1990 and has lasted ever since, with the name still often making Top Off-Road Vehicle lists today. A new model of the Defender is launching in 2020, which Jaguar Land Rover has described as an ‘evolved’ vehicle that ‘is tough, that is capable, and that is unstoppable’.

    Office & domestic furniture

    Electronic Locking Slide Systems That Make a Difference

    A common problem for car dealers around the world is how to keep the keys for vehicles safe. It can be difficult to ensure that the system is efficiently storing and locating the keys so that staff always have the right key.

    Office & domestic furniture

    Unlocking Hidden Potential with Smart Storage

    This is what happened to Paul and Clodagh Jacob, whose two daughters began to ‘follow in their mother’s footsteps – developing a keen interest in footwear’. Both qualified engineers, the husband and wife team set about developing their own discrete storage solution to help them tackle their ‘shoe crisis’.


    Flight Cases Take Off with Accuride Slides

    In 2014, European airlines were reportedly damaging, losing or pilfering 9 out of 1,000 pieces of baggage a year. Despite developments in digital technology improving how airlines keep track of our baggage, the risk has still not been completely removed, so it is important to know that our luggage is protected.

    Retail & display

    IMBOX puts the right foot forward with Accuride

    Developed in 2011 by Danish company IMBOX Shoecare A/S, which is part of the Grundtvig Group, the IMBOX system is a world-patented shoe protection service. Taking place in an enclosed box, a pair of shoes is sprayed with the mixture of liquids that form the IMBOX solution. The liquids have all been tested by PFI Pirmasens in Germany, the preferred testing institute for footwear, and they, along with the machine, have all been approved according to Danish standards – the most comprehensive standards in the world.


    Helping LVI See the Benefits of Accuride Slides

    At least 2.2 billion people worldwide are visually impaired or blind, the majority of which are over the age of 50. While many of these visual impairments can be corrected with a pair of glasses or contact lenses, those with more severe impairments may require more specialised assistive technology.