Easy-Close vs. Self-Close Drawer Slides: Which Is Best For You?

Easy-Close vs. Self-Close Drawer Slides: Which Is Best For You?
ByStefan Herchenreder,Technical support manager
Published by :Accuride International
At Accuride, we offer a number of different slides that suit all manner of industrial and domestic applications, including heavy-duty slides, locking slides and two-way travel slides.

This wide-ranging stock of products also includes both self-close and easy-close, (or sometimes referred to as ‘soft-close’) slides, both of which are ideal for applications where drawers must be properly closed, and stay closed until they are purposefully reopened. But what are the differences between these two slides? And which one is right for your requirements?

What is the difference between easy-close and self-close drawer slides?

Some of our easy-close and self-close slides have several features in common such as full extension, front disconnect, hold-in features and high load ratings, however there is one main difference between all easy-close and self-close slides. A self-close slide uses a spring mechanism to close a drawer, pulling it shut quickly once the spring is engaged. Easy-close slides meanwhile, have a damper mechanism in addition to a spring, pulling the drawer shut gently and quietly.

What are the benefits of easy-close (soft-close) slides?

The most commonly known benefit of easy-close drawer slides is their ability to close slowly and softly, as implied by their name. This not only makes them more pleasant for sound-sensitive environments such as hospitals, but it is also safer for domestic applications which children may be using, such as kitchen drawers.


Easy-close drawer slides are also ideal for applications involving delicate items, such as these archive drawers. By using a easy-close slide, easily-damaged items are less likely to be knocked and broken when the drawer is being opened or closed, even if a decent amount of force is being used.


Accuride 5321EC slides in Espoo Museum of Modern Art

What are the benefits of self-close slides?

As the early predecessor to easy-close slides, there are still many benefits to using a self-close slide within a variety of applications.


Accuride 3832 Self-Close slide mechanism

The mechanism used to close self-close slides can be slightly smaller than the damper mechanism within easy-close slides, allowing it to be used on shorter length slides. This makes self-close slides ideal for smaller applications such as medical drawers or Innova7ion’s innovative disinfectant boxes.


Accuride 7400-50SC slide in a disinfectant box

Additionally, while the air within the easy-close’s damper makes the slide temperature-sensitive, self-close slides are resistant to both high and low extremes of temperature meaning they are perfect for a wide range of applications within the white goods, retail and medical industries.

If you are looking for a slide that will ensure your drawers are fully closed in an application that doesn’t require quiet or gentle closing, such as these waste bins, a self-close slide is a wonderful cheaper alternative to the soft-close, while still providing durability and reliability. Our self-close slides are also suitable for use with optional clip-on brackets, providing different mounting options and making them even more versatile for your specifications.

Our range of self-close and easy-close drawer slides

Thanks to continued innovation and development, Accuride offers a broad selection of both self-close and easy-close slides to ensure we have the best slide for almost any application.

Our popular 3832 slide is available in easy-close, self-close and heavy-duty self-close varieties, offering 100% extension, front disconnect, 45kg load rating and hold-in functionality. Similarly, our easy-close and self-close 5321 slides provide 100% extension and a load rating up to 100kg for larger drawers up to 1000mm wide. Our range also includes a medium-duty full extension soft-close slide with a load rating of 55kg, and a self-close slide with bayonet mounting, with a load rating of 45kg.

In addition to our telescopic slides, we also offer an additional damper mechanism for our DA0115RC linear motion guide, to provide a soft-close option for sliding doors, panels, and other linear applications.

Whatever your requirements, Accuride has you covered. Discover our full range of telescopic and linear motion slides for yourself, or get in touch with our expert sales team to discuss the specifications for your application.