Medical trolley drawers with self-close slides

close up view of Accuride's DW3832SC self-close slide on a white background
Accuride has supplied many types of slides into medical trolleys giving a range of functionality and movement. In particular we have been asked to supply self-close slides to ensure that the drawer closes completely and stays closed.

Accuride recommended the stock slide, DW3832SC. The customer was happy with the choice since we could offer them a white finish, self-close slide from stock. A consistent and reliable supply from stock was very important to the customer.

A similar project for medical trolleys needed a small side space and smooth movement in a short length. Again we were able to offer a stock slide solution with the 2601 25mm slide and 2132 slides in 300 and 350mm lengths.

Front interlock drawer slides for medical trolleys

A larger project needed a locking system to prevent all the drawers being opened at the same time. This is an important consideration to prevent the trolley tipping forward. The 5349 slide with front interlock solved this potential problem.

So, Accuride has a range of slide solutions for medical trolleys, both from stock and as customized products. Call your sales manager for more information.

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