DP0115-ECRC-2Soft-Close Mechanism DP0115-ECRC

Soft-close mechanism DP0115-ECRC, providing a quiet and controlled closing action for DA0115RC or DS0115RC linear motion guides.

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The DP0115-ECRC soft-close mechanism: slow and gentle closing for the 0115RC linear guide

With a pull force of 14N, the DP0115-ECRC soft-close mechanism is designed to slow down and control the closing of the 0115RC linear guide. Once closed, the soft-close mechanism will also provide a hold-in function, which secures the slide in place until additional force is applied. Also referred to as ‘easy-close’, this feature will slow the movement down so that the application opens and closes more gently, making this especially well suited to sound sensitive environments like museums, hospitals or the home.

Supplied in a black plastic and steel finish, the soft-close mechanism is suitable for use in temperatures of between 10º & 40º C.