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08 April 2019

Blog Author: Peter Baxter, European sales director, distribution channel

An Accuride Introduction to Telescopic and Linear slides

As the world’s foremost specialist manufacturer of telescopic ball bearing drawer slides, Accuride has been creating linear and telescopic ball bearing slides since 1962. Our industrial knowledge as specialists of designing and...

02 April 2019

Blog Author: Peter Bayles, European director of engineering

Additive Manufacturing at Accuride

Over the last 40 years (yes, 40!), additive manufacturing has transformed the approach that engineers have to product development by bringing in digital flexibility and efficiency to manufacturing operations. Using computer aided design...

25 March 2019

Blog Author: Michael Raudies, Appliance Business Development Specialist

Combination ovens steaming up with Accuride

Last year, we announced the arrival of our brand new slides that are suitable for pyrolytic ovens. These slides can withstand the high temperatures of the cleaning cycle without releasing the toxic fumes that are produced by the grease in...

20 March 2019

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, Marketing and distribution support specialist

Common Questions Answered: Flat Mounting and Side Space

At Accuride, the experience of our customers is incredibly important to us. We want to make sure that you get the most out of our slides, which includes answering your questions about installation. In this article, we want to focus on two...

29 January 2019

Blog Author: Laurent Tremolieres, Accuride Europe Chief Operating Officer

Accuride’s Journey to Paperless Manufacturing

In recent years, you may have heard more and more businesses discuss the benefits of going ‘paperless’, from reducing their environmental impact to increasing their efficiency. At Accuride, we pride ourselves on not being a...

28 January 2019

Blog Author: Detlef Bender, Sales Manager, OEM channel

Do pyrolytic ovens cause emissions and are they expensive to run?

Examination of the advantages and disadvantages Removing burnt-on food residues from the inside of an oven is a tedious and time-consuming task. Like robot vacuum cleaners, self-cleaning ovens therefore offer the perfect salvation for...

15 January 2019

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, Marketing and distribution support specialist

New Server Rack Slide 2807

Most offices have an internal network, which, among other things, allows employees to store and access important digital documents. This network is supported by servers, which are its largest and most important components. While there are...

08 January 2019

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, Marketing and distribution support specialist

Superior Engineered Interior Design Solutions

As more people take to the city for their careers, space has become substantially valuable. This has led to an increase in rent, which contrasts with the decrease seen in the size of apartments, meaning that people could now be paying more...

14 December 2018

Blog Author: Helle Kinning, Marketing and distribution support specialist

Accuride Slides in Several Climatic Conditions

At Accuride, we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions to any project that comes our way, no matter the application or industry. If what you need is not in our stock index, our team of professional engineers will work with you...

29 November 2018

Blog Author: Stefan Herchenreder, Technical support manager

How to make Sure Drawer Slides Work Smoothly?

So, you’ve found the perfect slide for your project, but now you have to install it. One of the most important questions asked at this stage in the process is “How do I install drawer slides so that they line up and work...