Product Roundup: Accuride Pocket Door Slides

Stefan Herchenreder,Technical support manager
Product Roundup: Accuride Pocket Door Slides
Pocket doors have become a key design feature in minimal living interior design. Perhaps best known originally for hiding TV units, pocket doors are incredibly versatile and can be used in most rooms of the house, from the kitchen and utility room or bathroom to the living room or bedroom.


Pocket doors use a ball bearing slide or track system in order to slide doors out of view, saving space while also presenting a sleek façade. As pocket doors retract into the cabinetry itself, they will not occupy the same amount of space as a pair of traditional pull-out doors do when they are opened.

Often known for being used in media centres, pocket doors are seeing a rise in popularity around the rest of the house, not just the living room. Pocket doors can be used in pantries, and are often used to hide household utility appliances like washing machines while not in use. They have also been used in armoires and wardrobes in order to make the most of the storage space. Pocket doors can allow the entire contents of the wardrobe to be viewed at one time without the doors taking up excess space in the room, or having sliding doors blocking one side of the wardrobe.

At Accuride, we have a range of systems and accessories for installing pocket doors into any you choose. For example, our 1234 model is a light-duty slide that can be installed in three easy steps. The 1234 can be mounted onto doors with a maximum load of 14kg, and can be installed for vertical or horizontal movement.

The 1319 Pocket Door slide can be used for doors up to 5.5kg without additional attachments. The 1316 Synchronisation Mechanism can be fitted to the slides to provide an increased load rating of up to 25kg by sequencing the movement between the two slides.


If you require a full overlay with your pocket doors, the 1321 slide has been developed for exactly that, in addition to being suitable for inset doors. With full overlay possible on side panels of 19.1mm or less, the 1321 has been developed to include anti-sag adjustment to keep your pocket doors aligned. The 1321 can support doors of up to 14kg in weight, and has an auto-open mechanism that pushes the doors open for the last 32mm to ensure the door is fully open.

For tall doors, the 1432 is ideal as it can handle door heights between 915mm and 2300mm with a maximum load rating of 34kg. Fitted with a cable system, the 1432 provides synchronised slide operation for a sleek, modern finish. We also have a hinge carrier strip kit for the 1432, which includes two black hinge carrier strips, three stainless steel connector clips, and the assembly hardware required to install the kit. A single kit is suitable for door heights up to 1422mm. Additional kits are required for taller doors, so 2 kits are used for doors up to 2000mm and 3 kits are used up to 2300mm. Hinge kits are available to suit inset, thick inset and partial overlay doors.

For further information on our range of pocket slides and pocket slide accessories, you can contact us via telephone, email or through the live chat feature on our website, and we will be happy to help you with your query.

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