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DB1432Pocket Door Sliding System for Tall Doors DB1432

As the recommended pocket door sliding system for tall doors, the DB1432 pocket door slide is suitable for heavier duty applications, with a door weight of up to 34kg.

Suitable for tall and heavy doors, this quiet pocket door hardware has a synchronized cable system which eliminates the risk of racking an keeps the door straight and aligned, resulting in a quiet pocket door movement.

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The DB1432 Pocket Door Sliding System for Tall Doors

The DB1432 is a maintenance-free sliding door system, which has been designed specifically for tall and heavy pocket doors, providing smooth and silent movement for wardrobes, media centers, concealed storage and other similar applications. Using Accuride's advanced cable system, the DB1432 eliminates racking during movement therefore ensuring that the door hangs straight, which is a problem often found when operating tall cabinet doors.

The DB1432 can be used to mount pocket doors in vertical orientation only and includes a hold-out detent to ensure stability and prevent unwanted movement between uses. The door should be a maximum of 2300mm tall, with a wood thickness of between 19-32mm and width of between 255-660m.

This product requires additional components based on the height and thickness of your doors:

  • Hinge carrier strip kits are available here. The height of your door will dictate the number of carrier strips needed.
  • Hinge kits - The height of your door will dictate the number of hinges needed.


  • Inset doors 19-20.6mm thick, with 35mm hinge dimension - order hinge kit 81020690
  • Inset doors 20.6-31.8mm thick, with 40mm hinge dimension - order hinge kit 81020890
  • Partial overlay doors maximum door thickness 19mm, with 40mm hinge dimension - order hinge kit 81020790