Practical use of pocket door slides in TV cabinet

cabinet with shelves either side of closed doors in the centre that are on 1432 pocket door slides
The following case study came from Mentha & Halsall, a customer of Häfele - our UK cabinet hardware distribution partner.

We’ll let them tell their own story:

Mentha & Halsall were asked in the summer of 2015 to design, produce and install various bespoke items of joinery for Stocks Hall Care Homes and their new purpose built care home and private apartments in Mawdesley, Lancashire.

Martin Boardman is project manager for Stocks Hall and we worked closely with him in every aspect of design to carefully produce striking and practical pieces for the new home.

Mentha & Halsall have had a long association with Häfele and they are always very helpful with the technical aspects of delivering the right product to meet our requirements .

We contacted Häfele about an island TV and display unit we were asked to design and produce. They listened carefully as we explained the need for the TV to be hidden behind closed doors and for them to be opened and slid back into pockets out of the way for when the TV was to be watched.

Häfele was able to answer our questions and help us understand the right product, which was a pocket door slide manufactured by Accuride.

We were particularly impressed by the repsonse to our question about the weight of the doors and the fact that Häfele could specify and supply the appropriate pocket door slide for this project.

We installed the pocket door slides and other products such as drawer runners and glass shelf brackets, again, all of the right type. The finished job worked well and was stunning.

Our client was very happy and we were glad to receive the technical back up from Häfele to help us deliver on our promises.

Laurence Malone

mentha & halsall ltd

Pocket door sliding systems for a variety of door sizes

The pocket door slide used in this project is the Accuride DB1432. This product is ideal for mounting tall or heavy doors since it includes a cable system to synchronise the movement of the top and bottom slides. The system can carry doors weighing up to 34 kg and up to 2300mm tall.

Accuride’s pocket door slides (Flipper Door Slide®) can be used for doors that open vertically or horizontally and are ideal for kitchens, entertainment centres, audio visual installations, wardrobes and overhead storage units. Recessing the door provides a space saving and neat alternative to traditional sliding doors.

We offer a range of slides to cover different door weights and sizes and with a variety of features.

View Accuride’s complete range of pocket door slides here.

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