DZ1319-2Pocket Door Slide DZ1319-2

The DZ1319 pocket door slide, which can be used with the DZ1316 synchronising accessory for synchronised movement and to increase door weight and size. On its own, the DZ1319 pocket door slide is suitable for a maximum door weight of 5.5kg. Recommended applications include kitchen cabinets and hotel breakfast areas.

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The DZ1319-2 pocket door sliding system, available for use on its own or with the DZ1316 synchronizing accessory

Are you looking to update your cabinetry with sleek movement and space-saving hardware? Pocket doors will free up the space taken by traditional doors when opened by retracting back into the casework.

The DZ1319 on its own has a maximum load rating of 5.5kg and the height of the door should not exceed 700mm. When the DZ1319 pocket door slide is used on its own, the slide can be used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The DZ1319 pocket door sliding system can be enhanced by adding the DZ1316 sequencing accessory. When used with the Accuride DZ1316 pocket door sequencing accessory, the 1319 pocket door kit can support a maximum door weight of 25kg and door height of up to 2300mm. This should be bought with the profile rod DZ61050 for door heights of up to 2300mm or with the DZ61040 profile rod for door heights of up to 1800mm. When used together, the pocket door kit is only suitable for vertical orientations.

Wood thickness should be between 16-20mm. Hinges, base plates and follower strip are not supplied with the slide.  Please refer to the “Hinge recommendations” section in the datasheet.