DB1234Light Duty Pocket Door Slide DB1234

The light duty pocket door slide DB1234 can be installed in three easy steps, and is suitable for maximum door weights of 14kg and a door thickness of between 16-32mm. A follower strip (not included) is required, as shown in the installation guide.

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The easy to install DB1234 light duty pocket door slide

This light duty pocket door slide is a popular choice because of how easy it is to install. The DB1234 can be horizontally or vertically mounted, creating slide and pivot doors concealed from view and keeping them out of the way, providing a sleek and elegant façade.

Perfect for residential cabinetry, kitchens and campervan furniture fittings, this slide is installed in three easy steps, making it simple and straightforward yet highly effective. The DB1234 slide does not come with hinges for mounting; these are sold separately. To decide which hinges to use please refer to the hinge recommendations in the product installation guide.

Fixing recommendation: 4mm wood screw (supplied) / 6mm Euro screw.