Wind turbines

    Accuride Slides Help Vestas Wind Turbines Harness the Power of Wind

    A wind turbine is made up of four distinct parts - the generator, the tower, blades, and the nacelle. Most people will be able to identify the first three, however the fourth may be a little trickier. The nacelle is the compartment on top of the tower which houses all the components which work to turn the kinetic energy from the blades into electricity.

    Heavy duty linear slides | The best way to move a one ton gantry crane

    Heavy duty linear slides | The best way to move a one ton gantry crane

    Whether it be one of our reliable linear motion tracks or our popular ball bearing slides, at Accuride we do not shy away from using our own products to improve our everyday lives. That is why, when we needed to make it easier to move the mobile gantry crane in our model shop, our engineering team were quick to install our 0116 heavy duty linear slide.

    INDEVA lean manufacturing storage trolley
    Industrial storage

    Lean Manufacturing: minimise waste and maximise efficiency with INDEVA & Accuride

    Toyota. Nike. Intel. What do these three companies have in common? They have all opted to use the lean manufacturing process. Put simply, lean manufacturing is a concept developed to help businesses speed up their production processes – by improving efficiency, reducing waste and increasing productivity.

    HGV truck

    Truck Toilet use the DZ5321 slide to flush away the competition

    Imagine driving for nine hours a day, for several days straight. What would your biggest concern be? For many, a toilet stop will be top of their list of priorities. Now, imagine being told you were doing this journey but that there was no guarantee there would be places to stop to go to the toilet. Instead, you could find yourself in a traffic jam for hours or a long queue at a port. These are just a few of the concerns HGV drivers often find themselves facing.

    Baes Furniture Sliding Drawers
    Office & domestic furniture

    Back to Basics with Baes Studios: Telescopic Slides for Simplistic Furniture Designs

    What comes to mind when you think of an Accuride telescopic slide? For many of our customers, it will be the product’s durable design, smooth movement or one of the many slide features we offer.  However, Danish furniture manufacturer BAES STUDIOS saw much more than this. They were determined to find a drawer slide which not only functioned to a high standard but which also looked the part.

    Adjustable chairs
    Office & domestic furniture

    Adjustable chairs | Sit back and relax with Accuride

    Advances in medicine mean that more and more of us will live for much longer, with those born in 2016 likely to live seven years longer than those born 25 years ago.

    The multifunctional toolbox adding a competitive edge to F1 races - image

    The multifunctional toolbox adding a competitive edge to F1 races

    Time is of the essence when it comes to completing a Formula 1 Grand Prix. As soon as one race finishes, a team of driving instructors, engineers and buyers are hard at work finding ways to improve their team’s time for the next event.

    Space-saving kitchen designs

    Space-saving kitchen designs

    With everyone spending much more time at home this last year, home improvements have shot up as one of the top household expenses – and for many this will focus around the kitchen.

    Urban arrow cargo bike image
    Industrial storage

    Cargo bikes | The future of functional transportation

    Cargo bikes are cropping up in different shapes and sizes all around Europe, whether it’s to transport tools around factories, to deliver your take-away or even for the school run in the Netherlands.

    A hidden TV behind pocket doors - image
    Office & domestic furniture

    A Hidden TV Behind Pocket Doors - Stylish Ideas with Accuride

    Hidden TVs, concealed drinks cabinets and covered washing machines are becoming common ways to make the most out of the space you live in. For London’s growing population of over 8.8 million people, many of whom are living in small apartments, using pocket doors to conceal parts of their living space can help to make their home feel a lot bigger.