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Phototherapy units have come a long way since the 1950s, when it was first discovered that phototherapy could treat jaundice in infants. Since then, manufacturers like MEDICOR® have been working hard to source only the best components for these machines, whether that be the telescopic slides used in the drawers or the specialist LED lights.

Hungarian manufacturer MEDICOR® specialise in offering the latest cutting-edge technology in neonatal care, from warming tables and incubators to their newly developed Babylife KLA-145LT, an intensive neonatal phototherapy unit designed to treat jaundice (hyperbilirubinaemia) in new-born babies non-invasively. They thought carefully about every aspect of the phototherapy unit, from the 30 high power LED lights to treat jaundice intensively to the sliding function for the inside compartment where the baby is placed. Therefore, they were particularly pleased when Accuride distributor Biotek were able to recommend the DZ3832EC soft close slide for the sliding function within the phototherapy unit.

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Treating neonatal jaundice in infants

Neonatal jaundice, the yellowing of a baby’s skin and eyes, is a common and usually harmless condition found in new-born babies. It is caused by a build-up of unconjugated bilirubin in the blood and, in the few cases where treatment is required, it can be treated by exposing the baby to blue light in a phototherapy unit. This causes the bilirubin to decay into harmless substances.

MEDICOR® were keen to develop a machine which was not only the best at treating jaundice, but which also provided the best comfort for the baby. Therefore, the safety and comfort of the baby was a key consideration for the design, so it was essential that Biotek chose a telescopic slide which ensured that the drawer would close gently to protect the baby and would also extend far enough for easy access.

Biotek have been working with MEDICOR® for many years, which meant that they took the time to listen to their requirements and were therefore able to recommend the best slide for their application.

„Biotek have been working closely together with MEDICOR Elektronika Zrt. for decades to supply the best quality components to meet their medical requirements. When we began our cooperation on the recently launched phototherapy unit we advised a slide with dampened closing mechanisms instead of simple roller to ensure secure movement of the cradle while the baby feels the outmost comfort.” - Sztankovánszki Szabolcs, Business Development Director at Biotek

Based on this criteria, Biotek recommended the Accuride DZ3832-0060EC-B soft close slide. Our range of 3832 slides are some of our most popular products, ranging from the classic white DW3832 slide to the DZ3832TR touch release version. Although the drawer was designed with additional supports so that the baby’s weight is sufficiently supported, the slide’s high load rating of 45kg was also important as an extra measure.


This slide was chosen because of its full extension feature, which allows the middle compartment of the phototherapy unit to slide out fully so that the baby can then be placed inside. For ease of use, the slide also comes with a disconnect feature so the drawer can be disconnected and taken out of the machine for any maintenance.

The soft close feature was the most important feature because it meant that the drawer would close gently to ensure that the baby was not disturbed or knocked. The slide’s hold-in feature also ensures that the drawer will stay firmly held in place once closed.

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