The Future of Robotic Deliveries are here! With Robotise and Accuride

Autonomous Delivery Robots for Hospitals, Hotels & Restaurants
It was only a few years ago that the idea of autonomous deliveries and robots were just a futuristic idea which belonged on our TV screens. Now, many of us have seen robots delivering shopping or conducting routine deliveries around hospitals and hotels. Robotise are one of the companies making this a reality, and at Accuride we are proud to have been working with them for several years by supplying the motorised telescopic slide used in the drawers within the robot.

Their aim has been to create and supply service robots which can solve everyday challenges within hotels and hospitals. As a result, they have developed an innovative service robot called JEEVES®.

Service robots which turn an ordinary service into an extraordinary experience

JEEVES® was originally designed for hotels and has been a popular addition to the NYX Hotel Munich as well as the Pullman, Best Western and several Radisson Hotels. However, JEEVES® can also be found in hospitals like the LMU clinic Großhadern, working around the clock to deliver medical samples and other important deliveries.

The original design of the robot used a standard slide with an external motor, however the engineering team at Robotise were keen to improve this by replacing the standard slide with our FULLELECTRIC® motorised slide, which comes with an integrated motor and linear drive system. The previous solution required Robotise to create a hole in the cooling unit of the robot to accommodate the external motor, which led to a loss of energy. However, the FULLELECTRIC® slide is a more compact and fully integrated solution which did not require a hole for any components to cool the drawers down, which meant that the design of the robot could be much slimmer.

A day in the life of JEEVES

On average, JEEVES® can drive an impressive 20km without charging, with a complete recharge only lasting 60 minutes. However, throughout the day the robot will periodically deliver to several rooms and charge briefly in-between.

Creating a diverse product was important for Robotise, so they were particularly pleased to hear that the FULLELECTRIC® slide could withstand tough conditions, making the FULLELECTRIC® drawer slide well suited to refrigerated compartments for transporting hospital supplies and the warming drawers used to deliver hotel room service.

Once JEEVES® reaches the hotel room, the guest is notified via phone or App that they can come out and collect their items. This requires little input from them as each drawer is equipped with additional sensors which will detect once an item has been removed and will automatically be charged on their room bill.


The redesign has also greatly improved the accessibility of the drawers. The FULLELECTRIC® slide can achieve 100% full extension which means that large bottles or take-out pizza boxes can easily fit within the drawer.

User-safety was also a huge consideration when designing the drawers. Not only does the drawer have a smooth curved edge, but the FULLELECTRIC® slide and the motor controller work together to ensure that the slide automatically stops mid-motion when obstructed, removing the risk of fingers becoming trapped.


Overall, JEEVES has changed what could have been an ordinary service, into an extraordinary experience – with guests often taking photos with the robot. We are excited to see where JEEVES® will appear next!

Do you have a project which could benefit from our FULLELECTRIC® slide? To find out more about the many benefits and customisation options, contact us to speak to our dedicated FULLELECTRIC® Sales Representative Johann Zirnsak.

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