Imbox Protection jumps into the US market feet first with Accuride slides

Imbox Protection
Mud. Dirt. Dust. UV rays. All of these can cause havoc on a new pair of shoes. Which is why Danish company Imbox Shoecare Protection designed the Imbox footwear protection machine. This was previously a service only available to those in Japan and Europe, but now – thanks to the hard work of those at Imbox – the company have just launched a new version for the North American market.

Back in 2018, we were proud to find out that Imbox chose to use our DZ3832-SC self-closing slide within their machine and we are equally pleased to discover that they have chosen to use the same slide in their new version for the US market.

The 60 second footwear protection service is designed to provide a quick and easy way to protect your shoes. The shoes are placed within the chamber of the machine and a targeted treatment is sprayed on, protecting them from mud, spills, water and colour-fading.

Imbox Protection-Flagship.png

Imbox have over 7000 machines distributed in stores across Europe and Japan, with more than 30 million treatments carried out each year. One of the original Imbox machines can even be found in a garden centre just down the road from the Accuride International UK office.

The most recent version of the machine, which will be distributed across North America, includes a range of new features, from an organic treatment to an interactive screen on the side of the machine.

An eco-friendly product for an environmentally conscious customer

Denmark is a very green place, and this is especially important in the retail sector. However, this trend is not just limited to Europe, but it is also quite a large trend in the US too.

That’s why the globally patented Imbox product has been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. The formula used in the original machine was chosen as it is not harmful to humans and contains no carcinogens or other forms of nanotechnology.


The new Imbox Flagship has been redeveloped and is offering an organic and water-based treatment for the safety of individuals and the environment. A key feature of this new design was to minimise waste. To make the treatment more precise, the machine is equipped with sensors which enables the machine to locate exactly where the shoe is and to direct the treatment more precisely, therefore resulting in less waste.

A reliable slide for a practical product

The new machine may include a range of impressive new features, however Imbox were so impressed with the functionality of the Accuride DZ3832-SC slide, that they kept this aspect of the machine the same.

After consulting Accuride distributor Hans Buch, Imbox chose to use our DZ3832-SC slide in the sliding function of the chamber within the machine.

The slide has been designed with a self-close and hold-in features which ensures that the slide is held securely in place once closed. They were particularly impressed with the cam adjust feature, which made the installation of the slide easier due to the ability to adjust the height of the drawer slide.

However, easy-access was top of their list of requirements. Therefore, it was especially important that they chose a slide with our popular 100% extension feature. The DZ3832-SC slide allows the drawer within the machine to extend fully, making it easy for the operator to place their shoes inside.

The globally patented Imbox machine is the only one of its type in the world, making it an impressive addition to any shoe shop. Are you ready to take two steps forward with us? Contact a member of our team today to find a sliding solution which works for your product.

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