view of school desk that has DBLIFT0019 screen lift

    Mechanical screen lift for schools

    An IT desk was designed for a school using a DBLift0019 with a fixed VESA bracket and DZ2132-0050 part extension slides.

    Accuride's 9301 telescopic slide was used for this hospital sliding door

    Sliding doors use heavy duty telescopic slides

    Traditionally the doors hang from a top rail and move on rollers. However, ceiling hoist tracks had been installed across the door openings to support patients while moving them from the corridors to the bed. The hospital still needed sliding doors that comply with legislation and stand up to heavy usage and abuse, but that could be mounted on the walls either side of the door opening.

    Motorized TV lift in cabinet

    Hide your TV with a motorized TV lift

    They then installed Accuride’s DBLIFT-00127, a remote control motorized lift suitable for large flat TV screens.

    Mission-critical equipment being slid out of case on 3301 telescopic slides.

    Over travel slides supply access to mission-critical equipment

    The cases and enclosures are built and tested in the UK to the most punishing military and commercial standards, so when they designed a new ruggedized interactive presentation and planning tool they recognised the need for equally tough components to incorporate into the case.

    view of competition council chamber with various computers installed with the monitors mounted on DBLIFT-0019 screen lifts

    Mechanical screen lift used in heritage building upgrade

    The Hungarian Competition Authority has restored part of its building, constructed in 1869, to add a conference room, meeting rooms and a completely refurbished Competition Council chamber.

    Hödl Schubladen Hochbeet flowerbed application photo

    Planting the seeds of innovation in mobile allotments

    Austrian company Hödl Schubladen Hochbeet has decided to tackle this issue head on by creating a compact, mobile allotment system that allows for plants to be grown indoors or in limited spaces, like balconies. After winning a prize in Upper Austria for the development of this innovative way to garden, owner and developer Andreas Hödl has taken his design into production in order to provide everyone with an accessible space to garden.

    Illustrative photo of cruise ship

    Cruisin’ for a snoozin’ with Sella Design’s sofa beds

    Hungarian furniture company Sella-Design Kft may have only been operating in the company’s current form since Spring 2017, but their home has history; furniture has been produced in Mohács – the building of the chair factory – for over 50 years, and local carpenters and upholsterers have been passing down trade experience from father to son for more than half a century.

    Accuride slides in museum metal drawer system

    Accuride in the archives – a history in the making

    In partnership with local hardware supplier, Carlo Casagrande Oy, they have been using Accuride's sliding systems in their products for over 20 years. The range of 3301, 3832, 5321SC telescopic drawer slides and DP0115-ECRC-2 linear guides they use is large and continues to grow - Accuride's continual development of new and improved products gives manufacturers opportunities to design and bring to market exciting and functional solutions.