Accuride Slides in Several Climatic Conditions

Accuride Slides in Several Climatic Conditions
Helle Kinning
ByHelle Kinning,EMEA Marketing Manager
Published by :Accuride International
At Accuride, we pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions to any project that comes our way, no matter the application or industry. If what you need is not in our stock index, our team of professional engineers will work with you to create the perfect slide. From heavy duty to front disconnect, a variety of features are built into many of our slides for specialized projects. What’s more, our years of experience in the industry have allowed us to develop our slides to work in a range of conditions, from the heat of a self-cleaning oven to maintenance access for a train’s air compressor.

Following the rise of pyrolytic ovens, Accuride worked to create a slide that did not release emissions when the cleaning process was in operation. As the oven heats itself to almost 500°C, liquid lubricants were at risk of evaporating and releasing potentially harmful toxins into customers’ kitchens. To combat this, we developed a slide without grease as a lubricant, instead using a solid lubricant of spherical graphite elements.


To allow access for maintenance on a train’s air compressor, Accuride had to supply a slide that was not only heavy-duty and fully-extendable, but also resistant to corrosion. Given the importance of the equipment and its maintenance, the client wanted to be able to pull the unit out as far as possible to allow for full access. The DA4160 is a heavy-duty aluminium slide with stainless steel ball bearings, capable of holding up to 300kg at 100% extension.


Accuride does not only create and supply slides for applications with heavy duty and heat-resistant requirements. Many industries require products that don’t need to hold heavy loads or endure high temperatures, but simply rather need a reliable slide that will cope with a high rate of usage. For example, the 5514 telescopic slide was chosen for the drawer system in catering kitchen units. While the slides were used in refrigerated and cooled units and warming drawers, the main requirement was their reliability and durability in a fast-paced environment, such as a kitchen.


The hold-in and hold-out features are also incredibly popular among Accuride customers. From supermarket shelves to mobile broadcast vans, and naval ships to fire response vehicles, the stability provided by these slides is unparalleled. Slides with the hold-in feature have been used to keep broadband technology equipment stable and stabilise production equipment in transit, as well as keeping the storage system in van conversions safe while on the move.


The hold-out feature is commonly requested for maintenance jobs alongside full extension, as it guarantees stability during any assessments or repairs that may be required. Having the hold-out feature allows for ease of prolonged access. For example the storage system in the aforementioned van conversions can be used as an outdoor kitchen, and the hold-out feature keeps the units steady while food is prepared and cooked. In Japan, the hold-out feature allows convenience store owners to keep their shelves fully stocked.


As engineers and developers at the forefront of the industry, we are always interested in developing new ways to aid and assist innovative projects from any sector or market, while continuing to provide top quality stock products.

If you are interested in working with Accuride, please contact us today via our live chat, email, telephone or social media, and one of our expert team will help you with your enquiry.

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