easygoinc & Accuride Means Happy Campers

Accuride heavy-duty 9300 series slides in a camper van kitchen application
Austrian company easygoinc was born in 2012, designing longboards using sustainably sourced Zirbe, or stone pine, which grows in the woodland areas surrounding the Alps region. Not only does the company continue to successfully design, create and sell their longboards, they also sell men’s and women’s clothing, and provide a van conversion service, Vanlife; providing adventurous types with the perfect getaway vehicle.

Following two years of prototype testing, easygoinc developed a flexible modular system that is suitable for everyday use as well as adventurous excursions. Vanlife transforms a van into a home on the go, with a smart, organised storage system adapted for each individual vehicle. The lightweight aluminium frame, which weighs around 80kg, is easy to install and is designed to effectively use the space inside the van, providing an optimum volume at least 260L of storage.

The Zirbe pine panelling inside the van gives the conversions a beautiful appearance and serves several functions for those planning to spend the night out in the wilderness. The stone pine panelling releases essential oils that aid sleep and relaxation whilst absorbing the excess moisture from the air that is caused by deep breathing during sleep. This prevents the van from steaming up on the inside overnight. During the day, the moisture is recycled as heat, which is released from the wood to keep the van warm, saving the vehicle’s battery from having to power the heating system.


When developing their Vanlife installation systems, easygoinc required a durable, sturdy slide that could support their multi-functional drawer units and match their excellence and precision. For this project, they chose our trusted long-term industrial hardware distributor in Austria HA-CO, who advised them to use Accuride’s heavy-duty slides.

Different lengths of our DZ9301-U-E and DZ9308-E4 slides were found to be the optimal choice to move the units in and out, the locking feature of the 9308 proving to be incredibly practical. Being able to lock the units in an extended position means they are supported and could therefore be used more effectively as an outdoor kitchen. The 9308 also benefits from a front-lever lock release, which ensures the units can only be moved once the slide lock is released by the user, preventing any unwanted movement during transit or use.


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