Improving Convenience in Seven Eleven Stores

Improving Convenience in Seven Eleven Stores
The differences in culture around the world are what make the human race so diverse and intriguing. These differences can range from the food we eat to the clothes we wear; the holidays we celebrate to the ways we live our day-to-day lives.

Another way these differences can be observed is through varying attitudes to grocery shopping and how stores cater to these differences. Seven Eleven, for example, is a simple convenience store in the US where you can quickly buy a drink or a snack to keep you going, but Seven Eleven in Japan is a high-end convenience store that efficiently stocks a huge range of products within a relatively small space.


This is largely due to the different ways food shopping is viewed in these two countries: while it is perfectly normal to drive to Costco or somewhere similar and stock up on a week’s worth of groceries in America, people in Japan are more likely to walk to their local store daily and buy products and ingredients for the following few days.

In order to manage the logistics of quickly restocking groceries, a rigorous computerised process is used in order to allow the same amount of stock to be sold out of a much smaller space. To ensure consistent freshness in the stores, Accuride Japan supply Seven Eleven Japan stores with slides that allow shelves to move forwards and be stocked from behind, facilitating first-in first-out shop floor inventory management.


For the shelves, Accuride Japan advised on using the 2731CL as its 100% extension provides full access for restocking while the innovative front release lever controls when the shelf can be moved. The shelf can be locked into place, preventing the shelf from moving while customers browse in the store, but the front release lever allows staff to extend the shelf when full access is required to replenish stock.


On average, a store built to this first-in first-out configuration utilises several hundred pairs of full-extension slides. All slides have CH corrosion-resistant plating and stainless steel ball retainers, ensuring not only an aesthetic constancy but also a reliably consistent performance and durability. Three of Accuride Japan’s customers are qualified to build these shelving systems, all three of which feature in our top ten Japanese customers.

Accuride Japan were also able to assist Seven Eleven Japan by creating a bespoke slide to help clean the filters for chest freezers used in the stores. The roller slide allows a brush to be run alongside the length of the filter, knocking loose any adhering dirt and keeping the freezer running smoothly.

If you are in the retail industry or would like to know how Accuride slides can help your business, please contact us and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. 

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