Product Round-Up: Slide Brackets

Product Round-Up: Slide Brackets
Steve Davis
BySteve Davis,Sales Manager - Northern Europe
Published by :Accuride International
At Accuride, we are proud to produce not only a full range of slides, such as heavy-duty slides, two-way travel slides and pocket door slides, but also a variety of accompanying accessories to help provide our customers with the most effective solutions for their needs. Included in this choice of accessories is our range of brackets, available for use with some of our most popular and versatile slides.

Slide brackets offer a wider range of mounting options including bottom, side, and floor mounting, allowing for shelves to be mounted above or below their slides at various angles and heights without compromising on load rating. These brackets can be attached during assembly of the slide, offering easy installation across the board thanks to our tailor-made fixing hardware.

Accuride bracket video:

Our DZ634xx bracket is suitable for use with our heavy duty DZ9301-U-E, DZ9308-E4 and DZ7957-2 slides, with load ratings between 160kg and 272kg. This unhanded bracket has four bottom and two side mounting options, making it incredibly versatile and suitable for a range of applications in a number of industries. Take a look at our summary video to find out more about the uses of this bracket.


634xx bottom mounting options

Similarly, the DZ635xx bracket is designed for use with our DZ5321 collection of slides, including the DZ5321-EC wide drawer slide. By using a bracket with this slide, drawers and shelves that are wider than the intended unit can be mounted above the slide for optimum use. This is a platform bracket with four bottom and three side mounting options.

Finally, our DZ633xx clip-on bracket is a simple but effective bracket, providing both bottom and platform mounting options without the need for additional fixtures. The 633xx is designed for use with our DZ2109, DZ2132, DZ3732 and DZ3832 series of slides.


Accuride 633xx bracket

Read more about a case study using brackets in a train application.


To make sure you find the right bracket for you and your individual project requirements, refer to each slide’s datasheet to gain a full understanding of their intended uses. If you wish to find out more about our collection of brackets, contact us today to speak to a member of our expert team.

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