DZ3832Light Duty Full Extension Cabinet Drawer Slide DZ3832

Light duty full extension cabinet drawer slide DZ3832 that has a load rating upto 50kg, 100% extension, slide thickness of 12.7mm or 14mm, clip-on mounting bracket & hold-in. Use in Furniture cabinet hardware
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150mm - 700mm
Load Rating
50 kgs
Mild Steel
Side Space
Cam Adjust
Hold In

This light duty cabinet drawer slide is a staple from our Accuride Original line and is complete with greater strength and movement, full-extension and a lever disconnect feature. A classic drawer slide, the 3832 model fits a wide range of applications and drawer sizes, including pull-out shelves, kitchen utensil drawers and point-of-sales trays, to name just a few.

The hold-in detent on the DZ3832 prevents roll-out and bounce back and the silent operation puts this model at the forefront of high-performance movement solutions. Our patented Cam Drawer Adjust allows for precise vertical adjustment and a new face frame hole provides easy access to mounting. An optional clip-on bracket is available for bottom and platform mounting of this slide.