Thinking Outside the Box for Storage Solutions

Helle Kinning
ByHelle Kinning,EMEA Marketing Manager
Published by :Accuride International
Sometimes the prospect of living clutter-free is daunting, especially when we don’t have enough storage space for all of the things we need and want to keep in our homes. Making the most of our space without filling it up with furniture can also be difficult, and so it is important to know how to make the best of the space we have, without having to compromise on the natural flow of our lives.

One space in which we can create a huge amount of storage options may be surprising - the stairs in our homes. There are a wide range of options that can be installed to match personal style and requirements. It’s difficult to utilise the space with regular furniture, as the sloping ceiling means that there is the potential for a lot of empty space to be left unused.


In the Steps

One inventive design sees the steps themselves become storage, with drawers installed into each step to store the general clutter that most households have – shoes and sports equipment, books and board games. It’s easy to find inspiration in images and blogs published by people who have invested in this clever hidden storage trick, with many different variations. The designs offer the needed storage without taking up the valuable space under the stairs, which can be repurposed for a variety of possibilities, such as a small office space, a place for the pet’s bed or even bookshelves.

Under the Stairs

For those who don’t use the space under their stairs, or aren’t bothered about losing it, drawers and cupboards can be built into this space. It’s even possible to have a retractable cloakroom with enough space for the entire family to store their coats, shoes and bags all in one space. Companies such as London-based Clever Closet or the American Specht Architects have created projects that install cupboards and storage solutions in this valuable space.

Hidden Storage

Space-saving solutions, such as hidden storage, don’t necessarily have to be installed under the stairs. There are a lot of clever solutions that can be hidden around your house to keep it clutter-free, such as a slide-out compartment for all of your hairstyling products in your bathroom, or a vertical drawer in your kitchen for herbs and spices. Some ideas require a bit more out-of-the-box thinking, such as a hidden storage compartment behind a fake plug socket or shelves built into the side of a deep headboard.


As with any furniture that is potentially going to store valuable or important possessions, it’s important to know that they are built to be durable and reliable to keep your things safe. Accuride’s slides have been used by many industries, including the installation of under-stair storage, as we covered in two of our case studies – Touchwood Designs and buss. The high load capacity of our slides means that they can be used for larger drawers – in the case of buss they were even used to support an under-stair wine rack!

Have you got any clever storage solutions installed in your home? What other ways have you thought of to help keep your home free from clutter? If you have an innovative project and are interested in how Accuride slides can help to improve your current or future product, get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements. Please call us now or chat to one of our engineering experts to see how we can help you today!

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