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6th May 2015

The importance of SEO is something I get asked about a lot. “Creating this content and managing the website is great, but is it really important for me and my business, in my industry?” The short answer would be “Yes”.

Taking care of your web visibility, making sure your site is performing as well as it can in the search engines and sharing good quality content is important for all businesses, no matter how non tech savvy or modern you perceive your industry to be!

The reason why? Well, your website and wider web presence is the best resource you’ve ever had for product marketing, public relations and managing your brand. In today’s world, the main portals for people to find answers to their queries are internet search engines. Because of this, top billing in these search engines has become a big area of competition. Not only does doing well in the rankings increase the hit rate to your site, and potentially impact sales, but your visibility across search engines is the best way to relate authority in your industry to the target audience.

As mentioned in the first part of this short series, SEO these days is about much more than just ranking highly in the search results. It has many other benefits to your business than just putting your site on the first page of Google.

Brand authority

Firstly, people trust search engines and their results; the concept of Social Proof plays a big part in why the top ranked sites perform better for their owners. “If Google says this company is the best then it must be.” It’s this trust that allows brand authority to be transferred simply from your search visibility. Secondly, continuous improvement of your website (making sure your site evolves continuously and never goes stale) makes for a better user experience.

As well as these overarching concepts, there is a big opportunity for good PR and brand awareness that stems from Google’s pressure for sites to provide good quality, interesting and useful content. Creating content around your industry has two huge benefits. First, the more relevant content that you have on your site, the higher your overall rankings will be as Google can see you’re making an effort to answer queries in a user friendly way. Second, good content will increase traffic to your website as people read and share it on their own sites and blogs or through social channels. Sharing of your content is in itself a ranking factor because it increases Google’s perception of authority you have within your market sector; if people are reading, sharing and linking to your content, then it must be useful.

Aside from the increased rankings and traffic rates, it is also generally good PR practice to keep up a good web presence and get actively involved in creating and sharing content across the web, keeping up to date with big industry developments and joining in with online trends and debates.

Other benefits of SEO include:

  • Getting ahead of your competition by making sure your rankings and web presence are light-years ahead of theirs
  • Making better use of analytics data and keeping a much tighter grip over how your site is performing and why, and how to improve it
  • A reduced spend on AdWords. The more organic visibility you have and the higher your rankings are, the less money you need to spend on short term visibility through an AdWords account

As you can see, a modern SEO strategy now encompasses many more aspects than just trying to achieve rankings. In the fast moving world of digital marketing and the internet in general, it’s essential you keep up to date with the very latest practices and don’t get left with a stale website that isn’t working for you soon after it’s gone live.

Having an SEO strategy is essential. It makes sure your website works for visitors, search engine webmasters and most importantly, for you and your business.

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