DA0116-SUPPRCSupport Beam 3.6m DA0116-SUPPRC

The DA0116-SUPPRC support beam ensures smooth movement for sliding doors of up to 58mm thick. When used with our DA0116RC linear motion track, the 3.6m support beam is suitable for extra heavy duty doors and movement solutions.

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Achieve smooth and safe door movement with our 3.6m support beam

The DA0116-SUPPRC support beam is a required component when using our DA0116RC track and recirculating ball carriages for sliding doors. The support beam is used to offset the track and allow for free movement of the door. This removes the chance of the walls transferring weight onto the door frame and ensures that the door continues to slide smoothly.

The beam is designed for use with top hung sliding doors, with a door thickness of 58mm and a maximum door weight of 360kg.

The corrosion resistant material of the support beam makes it especially well suited to outdoor applications, for example heavy duty patio doors. The support beam comes in a length of 3.6m, however you can cut the beam to length or purchase multiple beams and butt them together end to end.