DS63610Stainless Steel Bracket DS63610

As Accuride’s first bracket available in stainless steel, the DS63610 brackets offer bottom and platform mounting options for our DS2028, DS2728, DS3031 and DS5321 slides.

The brackets weigh 0.426 kg each and are suitable for applications requiring a load rating of between 20kg to 180kg depending on the slide used. The stainless steel finish makes it ideal for environments subject to corrosion, making it suitable for applications that may be subject to tough conditions.

The non-porous and corrosion resistant qualities of stainless steel also means that the brackets have a more hygienic surface and are easier to clean, making them suitable for environments where hygiene is important, like industrial kitchens or hospitals.

The DS63610 bracket is sold in pairs and a minimum of two pairs are required for any application. However, some applications will require three to four pairs of brackets depending on the length of the slide used.

The brackets are designed to be paired with four of our stainless steel telescopic slides, each with a range of load ratings and features, so there is bound to be a slide suitable for the needs of your application.

If your application requires a slide with a 75% extension feature, a low profile and 9.5mm slide thickness then we would recommend using our stainless steel brackets with either our light duty DS2728 or medium duty DS2028 slide. Both telescopic slides have the same features, however the DS2728 has a load rating of 20kg, whereas the DS2728 slide has a higher load rating of up to 60-65kg.

However, if your application requires a higher load rating and needs to be suitable for a kitchen environment, we would recommend pairing it with our DS3031 telescopic slide. This high-grade stainless steel slide has a load rating of up to 80kg, and its high temperature food-grade grease means that it is able to function in temperatures up to 300C, making it well suited for use in hospitality warming ovens, catering environments and laboratories.

Alternatively, the brackets can also be paired with our heavy-duty DS5321 slide, which can hold up to 160/180kg, and has an impressive strength at full-extension, making it particularly suitable for watercraft or industrial storage solutions.


  • Bracket weight 0.426 KG
  • For Load Rating from 20kg to 180kg depending on the slide
  • Stainless steel bracket for DS2028, DS2728, DS3031 and DS5321 slides
  • Bottom & platform mounting options
  • Minimum 2 pairs required, depending on slide length
  • 3 or 4 pairs can be used per pair of slides.
  • Customer supplies hardware
  • Fixings depend on slide selected.
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances