Specialty Slides

SPECIALITY SLIDES – Linear Track, Two Way Travel, Slide & Tilt, Pocket Doors, Keyboard systems and More

At Accuride, we produce a variety of specialist slides such as linear track systems, two way travel, slides and tilt system, pocket door slides, keyboard systems, bayonet, high temperature, recirculating slides, electronic enclosure slides and media access. These slides are suitable within medical, retail display, industrial, automotive, engineering, white-goods, architectural, workspaces and server data centres market sectors


Each slide has its own specialty functions from linear motion, two-way travel, slide & tilt to high temperature to name a few. Explore below to view all the videos which shows all the specialty slides functions in details.


Our two-way travel slides are made from highest quality materials, including aluminum & stainless steel with load-ratings up to 270kg. suitable for domestic, commercial & industrial applications where two-way access is required.


We supply light, medium & heavy-duty linear track systems for load ratings - 16kg to 360kg. Suitable for a large range for industrial, commercial and domestic applications such as medical storage units, retail displays & sliding office doors.


Our slide & tilt slides have a full range of smooth & quiet movement, even when fully loaded for loads up to 65kg. Slide and tilt systems are the perfect solution for all manner of hard to reach industrial & domestic medium-duty applications.


At Accuride, we offer a wide selection of pocket door slides suitable for all light-duty applications with load ratings up to 34kg. For industries including architecture & design, retail, automotive & medical


The slides used with our keyboard systems also have a load rating up to 45kg, making them suitable for various light-duty domestic and commercial applications


Our range of bayonet mounting light-duty & medium-duty slides are with load ratings up to 60kg with 100%+ extension. Used in numerous industries including white goods, medical, retail & transport.


Our Accuride high temperature resistant slides can withstand up to 300°C & bespoke slides are produced for OEM pyrolytic oven applications, which are capable of withstanding up to 500°C using Accuride’s patented technology


Our recirculating slides are suited for sliding doors and panels, light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty applications with load ratings of up to 130kg. Used in a variety of industries including medical, architectural & industrial


Electronic enclosures Slides are use for network equipment & servers. These slides are suitable for light-duty, medium-duty applications with load ratings up to 70kg & offer part-extension, full-extension & over-extension capabilities


Our selection of media access equipment includes brackets & slides that are easy to install. With rigorous in-house testing they are suitable for heavy-duty applications such as concealing flat-screen televisions within cabinetry or under workspaces.


Accuride offer a host of integrated special features that are designed to improve the design, functionality and efficiency of your final application.


Touch release holds drawers in a closed position until pressure is applied to the front of the slide, leading to its alternate name, ‘push to release’. A spring mechanism is actuated when drawer front is depressed by 1/16” and the drawer is subsequently propelled forward approximately 2”.


Easy-closure, also known as soft-closure, slows the closing action of the slide for a controlled, smooth operation. Our patented feature helps to prevent damage occurring to the slide, the drawer or the contents by preventing a sharp sudden closure.


Self-close slides feature a spring attachment that prevents bounce-back when the slide is closed and also keeps the slide in the closed position until it is next in use.


Slides with a hold out function feature a detent that secures the slide in an open position until additional force is applied to overcome the detent.


Lock-in slides keep drawers, trays and panels secured in a closed position until released by a lever. Lock-out slides keep drawers, panels, trays and other pull-out surfaces secured in an extended position until released by a lever. This feature has been used in various applications.


Slides that have a hold-in function feature a detent that secures the slide in a closed position until additional force is applied to overcome the detent.


What is the operating temperature range for the aluminium DA5321?

The operating temperature range of our DA5321 aluminium slide is between -30 degrees C and +80 degrees C. Although the DA5321 can accommodate +90 degrees C for short periods. The operating range is determined by the plastic bumpers.

Do ball bearing slides work OK in high temperatures?

  • Accuride slides with plastic or rubber components are designed to be used for extended periods in temperatures between -20° and 70°C
  • Accuride slides without plastic or rubber components can be used in temperatures between -20° and 110°C
  • Accuride slides with soft-close dampers can be used in temperatures between 10° and 40°C
  • Extreme temperatures can affect the lubricant and plastic or rubber components
  • The DS3031 slide has been designed to withstand temperatures up to 300°C
  • DFG friction slides have been designed to withstand temperatures between -40 and +90°C.

The minimum door height for the 1432 pocket door slide is given as 915mm. Can I use it on a shorter door?

Yes, but for shorter doors we have other options that are more economic

What is the optimum slide length and drawer width dimension to achieve the maximum load rate for my chosen slide type?

A slide, correctly fixed using all fixing holes, with an evenly loaded drawer, 450mm wide, will give the optimum weight load performance. See the individual datasheets for maximum load rating for each length of slide

What 'safety factor' is built into the slides?

Based on a pair of slides in the fully open position mounted vertically on the sides of the cabinet, 450mm apart, Accuride specify a 100% safety factor in the static position. So a slide rated at 45kg will take up to 90kg in the above position. It is not wise or safe to cycle slides above their tested and specified load rating as premature failure could occur.