DZ3832-DOLight Duty Slide Front Disconnect DZ3832-DO

The DZ3832-DO model is a classic light-duty drawer slide that is complete with enhanced strength and movement, full-extension and front disconnection. Suitable for a wide range of uses, including pull-out shelves, kitchen utensil drawers and point-of-sales trays, the DZ3832-DO can support loads of up to 45/50kg, and has a hold-out feature in the open position.

As well as the hold-out feature, the DZ3832-DO has a hold-in feature, ensuring the drawer will not leave its closed position until the required force is applied. This, in turn, keeps the drawer’s contents safe from damage by preventing roll-out. The front-disconnect makes the drawer easy to remove and reinstall if required. Our patented Cam Drawer Adjust allows for the precise vertical adjustment of the slide, while a new face frame hole provides easy access to mounting.

This is a required field.

  • Hold-out in open position
  • Load rating up to 45/50kg
  • 100% extension
  • 12.7mm slide thickness (14mm with mounting bracket)
  • Optional clip-on bracket for bottom and platform mounting
  • Front disconnect
  • Hold-in
  • Cam drawer adjust
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances