DZ3932ECSoft Close Medium Duty Slide DZ3932-EC

The DZ3932-EC soft close medium duty slide provides a smooth and controlled closing action for delicate equipment and noise-sensitive environments.

This versatile slide can support weights of up to 68kg, and comes with 100% extension and front disconnect.

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The DZ3932-EC soft close drawer slide: the perfect movement solution for delicate equipment and noise-sensitive environments.

With the ability to support loads of up to 68kg and drawer widths of up to 91cm, the DZ3932-EC cabinet drawer slide is a popular choice for vending machines, tobacco kiosks and under bed storage drawers. The easy close feature of the DZ3932-EC allows the slide to close slowly and softly. Often also referred to as soft close, this feature makes this slide particularly well suited to domestic furniture, archive storage and under stair storage. For under stair or under bed storage, the full extension feature allows for uninhibited access to previously unused space, whilst the easy close (soft close) feature softens the closing of the drawer and protects any delicate items within the drawers.

This smooth running and reliable slide is a suitable medium duty alternative to our popular light duty 3832 cabinet slide. Both slides have the same cross section, which means that the DZ3932EC can be used alongside (or instead of) its light duty counterpart for heavier or wider drawers.

Easy installation and maintenance.

The front disconnect feature makes the slide easier to install, and also means that the user can detach the slide during use if necessary, for example for maintenance.