DS0116-BRKT01RCRecycling Bracket DS0116-BRKT01RC

Stainless steel Recycling bracket DS0116-BRKT01RC that is required to re-set damper, please note it's not required if used with door mounting kit

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Stainless steel recycling bracket, suitable for use with DA0116RC linear motion guide

The DS0116-BRKT01RC recycling bracket comes in a stainless steel finish and can function in temperatures of between -20º & 110º C, making this corrosion resistant recycling bracket suitable for use with a wide range of heavy duty linear motion applications, from hospital doors to moving worktops.

A recycling bracket is required when using a damper mechanism with the DA0116RC linear motion guide, as it will re-set the damper mechanism. However, if you are using a door mounting kit then a recycling bracket will not be required.