DS0116-CASSRCRecirculating Ball Carriage (Stainless Steel Balls) DS0116-CASSRC

Recirculating ball carriage DS0116-CASSRC uses stainless steel balls to provide reliable movement for extra heavy duty duty applications. Suitable for use with the DA0116RC linear motion guide.

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DS0116-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage, using stainless steel balls to give reliable movement to extra heavy duty applications

The DS0116-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage uses stainless steel ball bearings for smooth and reliable movement. Stainless steel ball bearings are much stronger than polymer ball bearings, making the DS0115-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage the recommended choice for extra heavy duty applications. This makes the DS0116-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage a popular option for large pull out worktops, sliding industrial doors and sliding walls.

The DS0116-CASSRC stainless steel ball carriage is one of our most popular options due to its ability to reliably support large weights, however the recirculating ball carriage is also available with polymer ball bearings in our DP0116-CASSRC recirculating ball carriage, which will result in a smoother and quieter movement and will require less maintenance.

How many carriages do I need per a linear track?

A ball carriage is an essential part of the DA0116RC linear motion guide, and at least one carriage should be used. The amount of carriages needed per track will vary depending on the application and load, please refer to the product datasheet for more information. However, multiple carriages will increase stability and load capacity.

The aluminium linear track is available in lengths of 2.4m or 3.6m, and can be cut to length or multiple tracks can be butted together depending on your requirements.