DZ4180-080-035-UMild Zinc Plated Full Extension Super Heavy Duty Slide DZ4180-080-035-U

The DZ4180-080-035-U full extension super heavy duty slide comes in a slide length of up to 2000mm and can support up to 980kg.

Designed with an I-Beam intermediate member for improved strength and 10mm diameter stainless steel balls for a smoother movement, the DZ4180-080-035-U telescopic slide is well suited to the industrial storage, transport and automation industries.

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Zinc-plated super heavy duty slide DZ4180-080-035-U, in a slide length of up to 2000mm and a slide profile height of 80mm

Accuride stock an impressive range of heavy duty products, however the super heavy duty DZ4180-080-035-U telescopic slide has taken this range to the next level.

Designed with an I-beam intermediate member for extra strength, the DZ4180-080-035-U telescopic slide is able to support up to 980kg, even when at full extension.

If you are looking for a heavy duty slide which can support weights of up to 980kg whilst maintaining a smooth and stable movement, then this is the slide for you.

It is common within the industry to use mild steel balls with a diameter of 8mm or less. However, to achieve a smooth and controlled slide movement whilst still supporting such a large weight, the DZ4180-080-035-U uses stainless steel ball with a diameter of 10mm.

Threaded mounting holes also allow for additional stability and simple mounting using the customers’ preferred bolt type.

The mild zinc plated slide has an 80mm profile height and can be ordered in a range of lengths of up to 2000mm, and can function in temperatures between -20°C to +110°C.

This, along with the ability to support such an impressive weight, makes the mild zinc-plated slide suitable for use in a range of mobile and stationary applications from industrial storage to automation and robotics.

The full extension feature makes the product especially well suited to supporting subunits like chillers, filters or motors as it allows for full and easy access to the back of the compartment for easy maintenance or cleaning.

The slide is not limited to battery compartments in railways and electric cars or unloading ammunition in military vehicles. The slide can also help to position heavy components precisely for picking and handling by robots in smart factories.


The impressive 4180-080-035-U series is available in either zinc or stainless steel finishes, and can be customised to fit your requirements, with a range of extension options and slide lengths of up to 2000mm possible.

Our technical consulting ability means that our experienced team of engineers can work directly with you to customize the product to your needs.

If you are interested in a customized version of the super heavy duty DZ4180-080-035-U slide contact us directly.