DZ3306-DO-2Medium Duty Slide with Lock-In and Detent-Out DZ3306-DO

Our 3306DO model comes with 100%+ extension, lock-in and detent-out functions, making it suitable for medium-duty applications such as pull-out trays and cabinet hardware.

The front disconnect feature also allows for easy installation and slide maintenance.

All of these features make this medium-duty slide a popular choice for range of industries, including the industrial, medical and automotive market sectors.

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The 3306DO is a popular choice due to the slide’s over-extension, lock-in and detent-out features. When used as a pair the 3306DO slide is strong enough to support weights of up to 68kg, making it suitable for medium-duty applications such as pull-out trays and cabinet hardware.

Capable of passing 12 hours of salt spray testing, the zinc-plated slide is durable enough to withstand tough conditions and is suitable for use in temperatures of between -20º & 70º C.

In addition to making it a popular choice for the industrial, medical and automotive industries, these features also make the telescopic slide well suited to a wide range of other applications and industries.

The lock-in feature ensures that the telescopic slide remains firmly closed until released by a lever. Perfect if you have an application that needs the drawer, tray or panel to be secured in the closed position until unlocked.

Is easy access an important consideration for your application? The 100%+ slide extension feature allows the slide to be opened fully, giving the user easy access to reach the back of the drawer or application.

The detent-out feature ensures that the slide is held in the open position until additional force is applied. This makes the product particularly well suited for medical carts or pull-out keyboard trays, where it is important that the tray remains firmly in the open position when in use.

The installation process is also made easier by the disconnect feature, which allows the user to separate the inner member from the outer member when needed.

Fixing hardware for installation is also include in each purchase.

For the best results, we recommend that the 3306DO telescopic slide is side mounted as this is the strongest orientation to mount the slide to achieve the maximum load rating.

The slide is suitable for flat mounting, however remember that this will reduce the load rating by 75%, reducing the product’s load rating to 17kg per pair.

Do you have an application which needs to be held in position when opened, and locked firmly when in the closed position? Then this could be the right product for you.

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