DZ3932Medium Duty Full Extension Cabinet Drawer Slide DZ3932

The versatile 3932 medium duty slide comes with 100% extension, hold-in and front disconnect features, making it suitable for a range of applications like medical trolleys, furniture and vending machines.

With the ability to support up to 68kg, the 3932 full extension slide is a suitable medium duty alternative to our popular light duty 3832 cabinet drawer slide.

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The DZ3932 full extension telescopic slide: a versatile medium duty drawer slide for applications ranging from hospital trolleys to server racks.

If you are looking for a slide with some of the same classic features as our popular 3832 cabinet drawer slide, but need it to be able to support weights of up to 68kg, then this is the right product for your application.

The DZ3932 has all the same features as its light duty 3832 counterpart, but with the ability to support loads of up to 68kg instead of 50kg. Both slides have the same cross section, which means that the medium duty DZ3932 telescopic slide can be used alongside (or instead of) its light-duty counterpart for heavier or wider drawers.

Please note that the DZ3932 slide cannot be used with any of the clip on brackets suitable for the 3832 slide.

A versatile medium duty slide, suitable for a range of applications

This classic medium duty slide is suitable for an endless list of applications, from under bed storage drawers to server racks.

With the ability to support loads of up to 68kg and drawer widths of up to 91cm, the DZ3932 cabinet drawer slide is a popular choice for domestic furniture and medical trolleys. The full extension feature gives users easy access to the very back of the drawer, making it easy to see and select the drawer's contents.

The hold-in and 100% extension features of the DZ3932 also means that the slide is well suited to the servers, racks and enclosures market. The hold-in feature keeps the racks securely held in place, which reduces the risk of damage, and the ability to pull the slide out to full extension makes maintenance much easier.

Easy installation

The 3932 drawer slide is designed for easy installation. The front lever disconnect means that the user can easily remove the slide from the cabinet when required.

Does your application require an easy close function? For applications which require the telescopic slide to close slowly and softly, see our easy close (also referred to as soft close) version of this product, the DZ3932EC.