DZ2720Light duty low profile telescopic slide DZ2720

The DZ2720 light duty low profile telescopic slide, a compact slide for use in applications with limited space. The slide is designed to support up to 20kg and has a 75% slide extension, which makes the slide suitable for a range of light duty applications from small cabinet drawers and operator workspaces to retail displays.
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The DZ2720 light duty low profile telescopic slide: a compact zinc plated slide for cabinet drawers, retail displays and much more

The light duty DZ2720 drawer slide has a slide thickness of 9.5mm and a minimum slide length of 200mm, making the compact slide the perfect fit for applications with limited space. Despite these slim dimensions, the slide runs smoothly and is able to reliably support up to 20kg.

This slide’s stable movement makes it suitable for an endless list of applications, from retail fittings to office furniture. The drawer slide has also been tested to 80,000 cycles to ensure that the slide can withstand the frequent use these applications are often exposed to, with each cycle being the open and closure of the drawer slide.

The slide’s 75% extension feature gives the user sufficient access to the drawer’s contents. If you require a similar slide with a full extension feature and a higher load rating of up to 30kg, see our DZ2730 telescopic slide. The DZ2730 has a larger slide thickness of 19mm but comes with our popular full extension feature which makes it much easier to reach the back of the drawer.

Flat Mounting

The DZ2720 slide is one of the few slides suitable for flat mounting, however it is important to remember that flat mounting reduces the product’s load capacity by 75% (to 5kg). For more information, refer to the datasheet and installation guide or contact us directly. For dimensional tolerances, download the 2D CAD drawing at the bottom of the page.