DZ2730Full extension zinc-plated telescopic slide DZ2730

The full extension zinc-plated telescopic slide DZ2730 has a slim profile, making it suitable for range of light-duty cabinet hardware applications. The classic slide can support up to 30kg, with a full extension feature for easy access to the back of the application.
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The full extension zinc-plated telescopic slide DZ2730: a classic drawer slide suitable for dispensers, retail displays and small cabinets

This classic model is designed with a 19mm slide thickness and the ability to support loads of up to 30kg, providing smooth and stable movement to a range of applications from desk drawers to retail display stands.

Equipped with our popular full extension feature, the drawer slide provides easy access to the back of any application. Whether you need a slide for a dispenser or extendable bookshelf, the DZ2730 full extension slide could be the right fit.

Tested to withstand constant use

How many times a day do you open the cutlery drawer in your kitchen? Drawers can be opened and closed countless times over the course of the day, and so it is important that our slides are durable enough to withstand this constant use. Each of our slides undergo thorough testing, with the DZ2730 drawer slide having been tested to 80,000 cycles, with each cycle being the opening and closing of the drawer slide.

Mounting Options

This slide is not suitable for flat mounting, however if you are looking for a similar slide which can be flat mounted, see our DZ2720 model. It is important to remember that when the DZ2720 slide is flat mounted the load rating is reduced by 75% (to 5kg).

For more information, refer to the datasheet and installation guide or contact us directly. For dimensional tolerances, download the 2D CAD drawing at the bottom of the page.

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