DZ65490-4Enclosure Bracket Kit DZ65490-4

Suitable for the Racks, Servers and Electronics industry, our DZ65490-4 enclosure bracket kit is designed to accompany our 3607, 3657, 5321 and 5321SC telescopic slides.

Each kit includes 4 brackets, 4 bar nuts, 8 screw kits for the brackets and 8 fillister head screws, however Accuride does not supply the captive nuts and these will need to be supplied by the customer.

The right data center infrastructure and equipment storage is an important part of data center design. The correct storage reduces the risk of servers overheating and makes equipment maintenance much safer and easier.

This is where our DZ65490-4 enclosure bracket kit can help.

Using a bracket kit to mount a server into a rack allows for easier and more efficient storage of network equipment, eliminating the need to store them on the floor or through excessive shelving.

It also reduces the risk of servers overheating, as the bracket kit allows you to space the position of the server racks out so that there is efficient airflow between each server rack.

The DZ65490-4 enclosure bracket kit is designed to accompany our DZ3607-2 slide, DZ5321SC slide, DZ3657-2 slide and DZ5321 slide. Each of these telescopic slides has a full extension option, allowing the server rack shelf to be fully withdrawn from the enclosure for full access to the equipment for data center engineers and technicians. Our DZ3607-2 and DZ3657-2 slides also have a disconnect feature, allowing for easy removal and re-insertion of the server during maintenance.

The Racks, Servers and Electronics industry is constantly changing, with new and smarter servers continually being developed, however our enclosure bracket kit and the accompanying telescopic slides have remained a reliable storage solution.

Our enclosure bracket kit can hold the average weight of a server, which is typically up to 45kg, however if your server weighs more please contact us and we can work together to test it in the intended application.

Although the enclosure bracket kit is designed for use within network racks, it could be suitable for other applications which require the ends of a telescopic slide to be mounted into the corners of a rack. The enclosure bracket kit could also possibly be used to mount a telescopic slide within a face-frame cabinet.

If you think this product would be suitable for a different application please contact us today and our friendly team will be able to advise you.


  • with 4 holes 60.0mm
  • Each kit comprises 4 brackets
  • 4 bar nuts
  • 8 screw kits for brackets
  • 8 fillister head screws
  • Customer supplies captive nuts
  • Please refer to 2D CAD drawings for dimensional tolerances