DS0116-BRKTRCDoor Bracket Kit DS0116-BRKTRC for Sliding Door Hardware

The DS0116-BRKTRC bracket kit should be used with the DA0116RC track and recirculating ball carriage, when used together the sliding door hardware kit is able to support a maximum door weight of 600kg.

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Door bracket kit for use with DA0116RC sliding door hardware

Especially designed and engineered mounting kit for top hung sliding doors, this door bracket provides extra-smooth movement and proven endurance over a tested 100,000 meters. This bracket kit helps to protect your linear track system and carriages when a damper is installed to cushion the end of travel on a fixture. This bracket kit is corrosion resistant and therefore suitable for hanging doors which may be exposed to the elements.

The bracket kit is designed for use with our DA0116RC linear motion guide and is an essential component when using the linear motion guide to support sliding doors. When used with our DA0116RC linear motion guide, the mechanism can support an impressive maximum door weight of 600kg, with 20N being the typical force required to move a 180kg door.

The bracket is suitable for use with door thicknesses of up to 58mm.