DP0116-ECRCDamper Mechanism DP0116-ECRC

Damper mechanism DP0116-ECRC used with heavy duty linear motion guide DA0116RC, used to cushion and dampen the last 40mm of slide travel.

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Damper mechanism, for smooth and cushioned closing for the DA0116RC linear motion guide

There are many components to our DA0116RC linear motion guide, from the essential linear track and ball bearing carriage to the optional door brackets. The DP0116-ECRC damper mechanism is an optional but highly recommended addition to the popular DA0116RC linear motion track. The damper mechanism can be used instead of end stops, and results in a cushioned and dampened closing for the last 40mm of slide travel. Suitable for applications like domestic sliding doors or worktops, where it is important that the mechanism does not slam quickly shut.

This will not work on its own and must be used with either a recycling bracket or door bracket.

For installation tips please refer to the datasheet, however the damper should be mounted through the rail and drilled into the support surface for maximum stability.