Mechanical screen lift for schools

view of school desk that has DBLIFT0019 screen lift

This educational furniture manufacturer supplies IT desks into UK schools and needed an easy to install and safe to use computer screen lift for the classroom.


An IT desk was designed for a school using a DBLift0019 with a fixed VESA bracket and DZ2132-0050 part extension slides.

The desk lid slides to one side using 2132 slides giving access to the TV Lift and a CPU holder.

Push-to-open and close mechanical screen lift

Accuride’s screen lift allows screens to be hidden and secured when not in use and keeps work surfaces free of clutter until the screen is needed. A light push down on the top of the support column and the lift rises easily in less than 2 seconds. The support column has flexible fixing points, an integrated ±112.5° swivel and cable management. Although primarily for TV or computer screens up to 450mm high, it has the versatility to lift anything between 2.5 and 6.5kg.

These are standard products supplied from our UK warehouse, with additional stock ready to go as needed.

Technically, the decision to use the DBLIFT-0019 was based on its narrow profile, ease of installation and reliability, especially for school use.

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