A simple sliding door solution to tackle the tobacco display ban

A simple sliding door solution to tackle the tobacco display ban
Accuride’s linear track has already been installed successfully to mount sliding doors used to hide tobacco products in accordance with legislation concerning tobacco advertising and display*.

The doors are mounted to the track using recirculating ball carriages and brackets. These give a really smooth gliding movement and the covered design prevents dirt ingress that could jam up a roller system.

This is an easy to use system, even for retro-fit applications. The aluminium tracks can be cut to the required length or butted together for longer lengths. Then add as many carriages as needed for the weight and size of the door. Typically, two carriages top and bottom are used for stability rather than load since the doors in this application are usually light weight. Tracks are available both with and without fixing holes.

Mounting the track at a slight angle allows the doors to slide shut using gravity. Regulations state that the doors should not remain open once the item has been selected and handed to the customer, so a system that self-closes is of a real benefit to the retailer.

An external soft-close mechanism can be fitted to dampen the last few centimetres of the closing action. This creates a quality movement for the door and is a safety feature to prevent pinched fingers.

All the elements can be bought separately making this solution very cost-effective.

Sliding door components in stock

The tracks, carriages and all accessories (see product list below) can be bought through Accuride’s distribution network, or, for large quantities (typically over 2,500 doors), call us direct on 01604 761111 or email

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