Extension slides access parts on assembly production lines

Automotive parts on production line accessed using Accuride slides
Modern car production lines are complex and yet still need to be highly efficient. Manufacturers rely on specially constructed cages called stillages to transport components to the right point on the assembly line.
Accuride’s slides are designed into stillages to give easy access to the parts. These slides are mostly from our stocked range giving ease of supply globally.

Examples of extension slides include:

Stillage design for body panels at a UK-based OEM using DZ5321-0100 heavy duty extension slides.

These light transport units, made in tubes sections, are dedicated to ship automotive parts from the Tier1 manufacturers to the automotive OEM assembly plants and use DZ9301-U-E & DZ5321 slides.

Another stillage using the DZ9301-U-E to access parts on a car production line.

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