Linear guides keep the money moving in amusement arcade machines

view of mutiple coin drop slot machines inside an amusement arcade that use accuride slides.
Have you ever wondered how the pushers work on coin drop slot machines that you play at the fair or amusement arcade?

Drop your coin into the machine and a pusher moves it forward to tip more money or a prize over the edge and into a collection tray for you to gather up.

Continuous supply of spare parts

Crompton’s Genuine Spares is the only official supplier of original spare parts for amusement machines manufactured by Crompton’s over the last 20 years.

Spare part supply, refurbishment and repairs are all covered by the Crompton’s team. Using only genuine replacement spare parts they rely on original parts suppliers, like Accuride, for a continuous supply of components.

Linear guide gives smooth movement

A flat mounted linear slide, based on the zinc coated 0115, gives a smooth, fluid backwards and forwards movement to the ‘pusher’. These slides will go though as many as 1 million cycles during their life time before needing to be replaced.

Accuride supplies the slides complete with a mounting plate and threaded studs for easy fixing. The slides are flat mounted and the moving parts fixed on top. The entire unit is then fitted inside the machine and linked to an electronic controller to power the movement.

Crompton's product range covers all Pushers, Paddle Pushers and Belt Games and they have a dedicated team with over 100 years experience in the amusement industry.

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