Accuride’s full extension aluminium slide moves 200kg in gas monitoring device

DA4160-0050 full extension aluminium slide on the side of gas monitoring device
The NGM-2000 is a state-of-the-art device designed to monitor noble gases that are discharged from ventilation stacks and pipelines in nuclear power plants, nuclear fuel processing plants and scientific institutions with experimental reactors.

The NGM-2000 noble gas monitor is a compact and a fully automated device. After connection of the monitor to the sampling line it directly processes and displays the measured data and the status of operating parameters on the local display. The device has the facility to transfer this information to a host system.

Manufactured by VF, a.s. in the Czech Republic, this unit has a cylinder made from lead and copper. The movable flange of the cylinder, with equipment, weighs approx. 200kg.

Full extension aluminium slide for heavy loads

Accuride’s partner in the Czech Republic, Arcus Engineering, supplied DA4160-0050 full extension aluminium slides for easy access to the measurement units inside.

These slides bring several benefits for this particular application. They have been tested to 300kg over 10,000 cycles, more than the specification required here. The slides are in light-weight aluminium, so are easier to handle during the manufacturing stage than the equivalent steel slide. The combination of aluminium and stainless steel ball bearings and retainer give good corrosion resistance.

DZ3832 full extension slides were also used at the front of the unit for access to some smaller sensors.

Both of these extension slides are from Accuride’s stock range giving continuity of supply for the end-user.

Unit: NGM-2000

Manufacturer: VF, a.s.

The VF company was founded in 1992 by a group of radiation protection experts. More information is available at

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