The Fullelectric ball bearing slide: powering the future of automation

Fullelectric drawer slide
Detlef Bender
ByDetlef Bender,European OEM Sales Director
Published by :Accuride International
The Accuride Fullelectric ball bearing slide provides reliable movement for automated solutions, from sliding car armrests to self-opening compartments in delivery robots…and that’s just to name a few.

Everyday automation…deliveries to smart storage

Automation is becoming an increasingly common sight within our everyday lives, improving reliability and speed at which tasks are carried out, all with little to no human input.

Well suited for the automotive industry, our motorised slide has been a ground-breaking component for sliding armrests and central consoles. Taking this one-step further, the Accuride Fullelectric slide can easily support moving monitors and screens, enabling them to move around the vehicle and change function from a touch screen to a table.

Automation is finding its way into both big and small vehicles, with delivery robots becoming an attractive solution for last mile deliveries and smart factory logistics. Our slides can withstand tough conditions, making the Fullelectric drawer slide well suited for the refrigerated environments used for transporting hospital supplies and the warming drawers used to deliver hotel room service.

The International Federation of Robotics have even predicted that almost 2 million new units of industrial robots will be installed in factories between 2020 and 2022, making the use of electric linear motion slides within robotic process automation an important way to keep up with new and fast-moving consumer trends.

Hotel delivery robot image.png

Electric drawer slides are not only a popular choice for delivery services but also e-commerce collection points like Amazon lockers, where convenience and security is essential. When used with our Senseon locking system, the Fullelectric slide can be unlocked securely via fingerprint, key card or code, giving the consumer easy access to their delivery.

Automation is all about making things easier, and the ability to connect the Fullelectric slide to voice-assisted gadgets like an Alexa does exactly that. Not only does it allow the user to effortlessly coordinate all activity within the home but for companies like IACCESS it is an important way to improve accessibility for those with disabilities.

The safety feature also means the slide automatically stops mid-motion when obstructed, removing the risk of fingers becoming trapped in compartments and making it safe for use around small children.

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Automation opens up new possibilities for unique applications, and so it was important that the Fullelectric ball bearing slide had a compact size so that there was no need to compromise on the design of your application.

The slide’s plug and play feature also allows for easy installation into any application. This, along with the ability to customise the slide based on the required load rating or slide extension, makes our motorised slide a suitable fit for a range of applications.

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