Unlocking Hidden Potential with Smart Storage

Unlocking Hidden Potential with Smart Storage
The world is constantly evolving around us, and we know that our homes are no exception. As we move through life, we will find our homes changing with us, whether it means our design scheme tones down as we get older or perhaps, with children, we find our small piles of stuff growing into mountains. We understand that finding the perfect storage solution can be tricky, whether the space you live in is smaller than others or you simply need more storage space without compromising on the natural flow of your life.

This is what happened to Paul and Clodagh Jacob, whose two daughters began to ‘follow in their mother’s footsteps – developing a keen interest in footwear’. Both qualified engineers, the husband and wife team set about developing their own discrete storage solution to help them tackle their ‘shoe crisis’.

Following an investment from businesswoman Norah Casey on Ireland’s Dragon’s Den, Paul and Clodagh’s company, Clever Closet, has had its products featured on several home renovation programmes, including ITV’s 60 Minute Makeover with Peter Andre and Channel 4’s Double Your Home for Half the Money with Sarah Beeny. Beeny, who is renowned and respected within the industry, claims that ‘Clever Closet are [the show’s] go-to company for storage solutions’, giving them her firm stamp of approval.


In order to keep their drawers running smoothly, Clever Closet went to Hafele Ireland to discuss the best solution for their requirements. Hafele Ireland have a product range of more than 25,000 items for their near-4,000 active customers per year, marking themselves out as one of Ireland’s top hardware distributors. Clever Closet have trusted them with hardware products for several years, drawn back again and again by their reliability and excellent service that solves issues quickly – if there are any issues in the first place.

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Hafele Ireland led Clever Closet to Accuride’s range of innovative motion hardware, with the final decision landing on the light-duty DZ3832-TR touch-to-release slide. Activated by just 5kg of force, the 3832 is a speciality slide that eliminates the need for knobs or handles on drawers and cupboards. This is especially significant for Clever Closet, whose products can be installed at varying heights, as this will eliminate the risk of injury, especially for children.

Tested to 80,000 cycles, Clever Closet made the calculations that with average usage, the 3832TR would last in their systems for up to 45 years, which they attribute to Accuride’s reliability and high-quality products.


With a load rating of up to 45kg, the 3832TR is capable of supporting a multitude of shoes, school bags and even vacuum cleaners, keeping them tucked away under your stairs. Clever Closet’s solutions can also be used in attic conversions, from kids’ playrooms and bedrooms to home offices, as their modular drawers and shelves seamlessly fold into the eaves of the attic.

With a range of configurations to suit any space, Clever Closet’s units can be supplied directly via Häfele to the customer for self-installation. Additionally, Clever Closet are now also offering their easy-to-install modular drawer units as flat-packs to be installed by tradespeople and fitters.

To discuss how Accuride could improve your next project or to enquire about any of our products, please contact us today via the live-chat feature on our website or calling our customer services department. We love to hear from you!

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