Accuride slides can handle the heat!

Accuride slides can handle the heat!
As the summer comes to an end, many of us will start to think about how to still make the most of the evenings as the cold starts to creep in. Golden evenings out on patios and in gardens with a glass of wine will slowly head back indoors to the comfort of lounges and dining rooms. And while most homes have central heating to bring the temperature up inside as it gets colder outside, there’s nothing quite like a fireplace to heat up a room and provide a focal point for gatherings.

Since 1994, Hungarian company Fireplace Kft has been manufacturing and providing homes with quality interior fireplace stoves and have become major players in the European market. The quality of their manufacturing meets the highest international standards and Fireplace Kft have been a member of “HKI Industrieverband Haus-, Heiz-, und Küchentechnik e.V” (House, Heating and Kitchen Technologies Industrial Association) since 2000, making them a full-value player in the German Market.


In the development of their new Adamis product family – which includes the Steel and Soapstone models – Fireplace Kft were looking for slides that could withstand the heat for the drawers underneath the fire itself. These drawers are designed to provide better air ventilation in the fireplace and a space for wood storage, as well as making the cleaning of the fireplace easier, and so the drawer slides had to be reliable and durable in order to maintain these functions.

In order to find the most suitable product to fulfil this requirement, Fireplace Kft went to Biotek Kft. Trusted distributors of Accuride’s products, Biotek have decades of expertise and a worldwide sales network in Hungary that allows them to always find the best solution for their customers. They have extensive knowledge of components, including Accuride’s expansive range of linear and telescopic slides and motion guides.


The final choice for Fireplace was the DZ2421, a light-duty telescopic slide with a height of only 20mm and a width of only 8mm. This low profile is ideal for the slim drawers at the base of the fireplaces, ensuring the highest levels of spatial efficiency. The slides also allow for easy handling, making the drawer lighter through their slightness and therefore allowing for easier movement of the drawer itself.

And if that doesn’t bring you comfort, then Fireplace Kft definitely will.

If you are looking for the perfect slide or motion guide for your next project, get in touch with us today and one of our friendly experts will be happy to help you.

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